Our policy to you

The management of Ed Verboom Plumbing Ltd.is especially concerned about the health and safety of every employee.  Our philosophy is that the well-being of our company depends on the health and safety of our workforce.

To enable us to keep our quality and production at the highest levels, we must ensure that the health and safety of our workforce is maintained at all times.

We at Ed Verboom Plumbing Ltd.also recognize the potential for workplace violence and harassment.  Workplace violence and harassment will not be tolerated from any employee or other persons on company premises or while an employee is conducting company business at other locations.

To acheieve this goal, we shall endeavour to develop, implement, and evaluate our health and safety program to be as effective as possible, by following the regulations set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

We will ensure the safest possible work environment by requiring that all employees receive ongoing training in health and safety, by maintaining communications between management and our staff, and by leading through actions rather than words.

The responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is everyone's responsibility, from the president to the newly hired employee.

Your assistance and support is needed and expected in order to protect the health and safety of our workforce, our clients, and our company.


Privacy Statement

Except as disclosed in this Privacy Statement, we at Ed Verboom Plumbing Ltd. will not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise retransmit any Personally Identifiable Information we collect, unless we have your permission.  Any Personally Identifiable Information you provide to us will be used for your purchases and retained in hard copy form of the original invoice as well as within our database system, which generates our invoices.

From time to time, we may be required to provide Personally Identifiable Information in response to court order, subpoena, or government investigation.  We also reserve the right to report to law enforcement agencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful.  We may release Personally Identifiable Information when we believe that such release is reasonably necessary to enforce or apply our Limited Warranty or to protect the rights, property, and safety of others and ourselves.


Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Statement

The management of Ed Verboom Plumbing Ltd. will ensure the dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity with our customers and employees.  To achieve our goal we will train all staff, volunteers, contractors and any other personnel that interact with the public or other third parties on our behalf.


 If you have any concerns or improvements for Ed Verboom Plumbing Ltd. please complete the attached and either mail or email back to us.